We are willing to use individual approach and pay maximum attention to each customer, thus we ask to notify us of your visit time in advance.

To apply for a visit please call: +371 20200087

Please send your questions and suggestions to info@zelts.lv

Lifecycle of your order

1. Visit to our salon

To order an individual jewellery piece, please make a call and arrange the time of your visit. Our consultant will listen to your wishes, will demonstrate our jewellery samples, quality of the gemstones available and materials we use. If you haven’t chosen the model you wish to order, our consultant will offer you to browse catalogues.

If needed, your questions will be answered by our jeweller/ designer. When ordering rings, you will be offered to check the size with the sizing tools.

2. Placing your order

When you are ready to make an order, our consultant will fill in all the details in the order form, including the sketch of the jewellery item, timeframes, planned cost and advance payment.

When ordering rings, size needed is chosen by customer herself/ himself based on their individual sense of comfort.

3. Manufacturing

During the manufacturing, there can occur a need to make a fitting or a visit to approve the sketch or selected gemstone quality. Whenever possible, we are informing customers about such a need in advance, while taking order.

When the individual jewellery is ready, it passes hallmark check in Assay Office of Latvia and gets its quality mark if it includes gemstones. If agreed during the ordering, we are ordering the certificate in the Assay Office of Latvia.

When the hallmark check is passed, our consultant will call you to agree on your visit time to collect your order.

4. Payment

Payment usually is divided into two parts: advance payment when ordering and final payment when order is received.

If you are ordering specific gemstones, payment should be done when gemstones are received and you have approved the appropriate quality according to your expectations.

If you have any gold jewellery that you are no longer wearing or broken gold jewellery, you can bring it as a part of the payment – our consultant will make calculations and register information in the order form.

5. Receiving order

To collect your order, visit our salon. If specifically agreed (order receipt available and full payment performed), we can issue the order to your representative, if you don’t have an opportunity to visit our salon.

When receiving your individual jewellery, we are kindly asking you to check all the details are according to the expectations, and the size is comfortable for wearing.

If there are any questions or doubts, we will kindly suggest checking whether all the details are according to the order form filled. If the jewellery was planned as a gift, and the size didn’t fit, we will agree with you on the optimal solution.

Together with your individual jewellery item(s), you will get a free gift box. Our consultant will tell you about the offered free annual care of the jewellery in our salon and will answer your questions about care instructions.

6. Guarantee

All the jewellery manufactured in our salon has a guaranty conditions in accordance with Latvian legislation, and in addition we are offering free annual care of the jewellery in our salon – cleaning, gemstone setting check, polishing.

We are kindly asking our customers to be careful while wearing jewellery and follow jewellery care instructions. In the case if jewellery was broken or with the passage of time there are deep scratches or polishing needed, we will always do our best to help you to repair your jewellery.

Our advantages

To be sure about the best choice when coming to our salon we are offering you to:

  • Take a look at our work in the Gallery,
  • Read about the advantages of our products, our experience and services in About us page,
  • Visit our salon and check the quality of our jewellery by yourself, receiving detailed consultation and answers on your questions.

Frequently asked questions

If I have my own gold (old jewellery, broken jewellery), can you use it?

  • Yes, if you wish we can use it either for manufacturing your individual jewellery, or take it as part of payment part for your order.

If I have chosen the model, but would like to make it other gold colour, is it possible?

  • Yes, according to your wish we can use other gold colour or combination of colours. The most widespread colours of gold alloy are yellow, white and red (rose), the most often used alloys are 14K and 18K gold.

If we have chosen the model, but would like to set other/ more gemstones?

  • Depending on the model you have chosen, our jeweller will check the possibility to set other gemstones according to your wish, will provide you information on gemstone selection criteria and demonstrate you gemstones available in the salon.

Is there a possibility to order jewellery from your salon provided materials?

  • Yes, we are offering both gold alloys and gemstones, which are verified by Assay Office of Latvia. If you wish, we can order the certificate of the individual jewellery in the Assay Office of Latvia.

We have seen the model we like in the internеt, can you manufacture it?

  • Yes, you can send us a picture of the model to the e-mail address: info@zelts.lv, describing parameters and sizes needed, and we will provide you with the approximate evaluation of manufacturing cost and materials needed.

What kind of fit of the rings is the most comfortable for wearing?

  • Based on our experience, we always suggest our customers to choose comfort fit rings (with rounded internal surface of the ring).

Ring profile

How to determine the size of the ring?

  • In our salon we are offering customers to determine the comfort size using sizing rings. Depending on the width of the ring, the same size of the ring can be more or less comfortable for wearing.

  • There is a table of ring sizes conversion in the page Ring sizes.

Other useful information can be found under the links in the homepage footer. If you have any questions about our jewellery, please e-mail: info@zelts.lv.